Acres Truck Parking

Long-Term Parking and Fleet Staging
Acres Truck Parking provides a secure long-term parking and staging solution for immediate and direct access to Union Pacific Global IV  and BNSF Rail Terminals in Joliet and Elwood, IL 
Location: 3640 Centerpoint Way, Elwood, IL
- Paved with concrete drop pads
- Fenced 
- 24/7 Keypad entry
- Fully lit at night
- Security cameras and 24/7 recording
- Full snow removal and de-icing
- Numbered and assigned spaces
- Electrical plugs for engine heaters
Acres Truck Parking is an independent provider of long-term fleet storage solutions for the trucking, intermodal and construction industries. The business currently has a base located next door to UP Global IV which stages over 150 trucks daily, directly accessing the intermodal in order to minimize travel time, fuel and driver hours to and from the terminals.
Operational Savings
Staging your fleet closer to your first mile/last mile freight points will drastically reduce your overall fuel costs, mechanical repairs, crucial driver hours and improve your efficiency by consolidating your fleet closer to your pickup and dropoff points. 
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